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Miami based wedding photographer. J Luzan.

My photography career started from wedding photography back in 2010. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot over 300 weddings around the world: Italy, Maldives, Seychelles, Bali, Mexico, Thailand, Zanzibar, Scotland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and USA. Now J Luzan Wedding Photography is based in Miami, Florida and I’m more than happy to travel around the US to capture your beautiful wedding. With my couples we climbed mountains, volcanoes and waterfalls, dived into the ocean, danced in the rain and more importantly became lifetime friends! 


Ever since I started to shoot fashion for magazines around the globe I have limited the number of weddings I shoot a month a lot. I want to keep it fresh, creative and provide special attention to each and every couple I meet. My work is published in Vogue, Weddings, Cosmopolitan, Fort Lauderdale, Travel and Leisure, Viva! etc. I love mixing editorial style photography with lively emotional photographs of your wedding day. 


Responsibility, ability to grasp and translate my couples’ style into their wedding photography and high-end hand retouching of each image that makes it to your gallery, makes me different from other wedding photographers. There is no bulk photo filter retouching with me. I use an editorial approach editing photographs of your special day. I love catching your true emotions and feelings when you are not aware that me and my camera are there. 


My couples say that I’m easy to talk to and make them laugh. They describe my wedding photography as “lively, beautiful, good angles only, classy, sophisticated, emotional, flawless”. I make sure you can say that about every wedding I shoot. 


Please, contact for wedding photography packages and availability.

Your wedding photographer J Luzan

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